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Additional Services

A La Carte LMS Implementation Services

If you have an internal project manager resource, Sue can support your implementation by managing projects that will help your team be ready for the rollout.

Contract Review 

Sue can assist with the contracting process, ensuring that the timeline and scope of the SOW and SLA reflect all business requirements. Some contracts are very specific in terms of the vendor’s obligation to assist with large components of the implementation, such as data formatting and migration—Sue can help navigate these negotiations.

Sandbox Testing 

Sue can facilitate and manage sandbox testing. In sandbox testing, we select key use cases from the RFP and conduct tests to experience the workflow required to achieve results. Sue provides a structure to the sandbox testing including basic procedures/steps to test the workflow for key use cases, tracks each team member’s experience, tests alongside stakeholders, and manages regular communication with vendors.

Business Process Workshop

Implementing a new LMS often impacts existing business processes with regards to training and record keeping. In the Business Process Workshop, Sue will lead discussions (usually 1-2 days onsite) with stakeholders to identify new or modify existing business processes that align with LMS implementation. After the onsite meetings, Sue will document processes in Visio and add business process tasks to the project plan and manage them to completion. The final documented business processes then can be used for UAT and formal documentation about how your organization will use the LMS.


UAT is an essential part of the implementation process, but the majority of LMS vendors do not participate in or assist with UAT. For the UAT service, Sue will design and manage the UAT process according to business needs and the vendor’s system. Sue will create a UAT Plan to document the testing methodology, create test scripts, create dummy data, and schedule the testing sessions. These scripts might include the following: administration tasks of creating courses, learning plans, and assignments; learner tasks of logging into the system, searching and registering for courses, launching and tracking eLearning, and running a transcript report; supervisor tasks of viewing their direct reports’ compliance status and approving training requests. The UAT can also include test scripts in the following areas: custom integrations, security, running reports and audit trails, e-signature use. Sue will participate in testing but the majority of testing is the responsibility of the implementation team.

Governance Consulting

Sue has assisted clients with defining the short-term and long-term goals of governance. For most organizations, this includes not only the management and maintenance of their LMS (and other applications) but how the governance of learning technologies impact employee development on a wider scale.

Software Development and Support

Sue has helped organizations build custom Learning Management Systems or create new functionality. For this service, Sue often works in the capacity of a Business Analyst who will work closely with stakeholders to document business needs and then translate those needs into requirements for the development team. Sue has worked on several Agile/SCRUM teams and is well-versed in writing user stories and tests.