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“Sue Hall served as our Project Manager during our implementation of Plateau (now SuccessFactors) LMS. During this 15 month process she was a critical member of our team. She brings exceptional skills and it very beneficial to have someone with both project management as well as LMS expertise. We found that she was able to help in many different capacities because of the breadth of her background; including helping us think through how to sunset older applications, how to successfully migrate thousands of historical records and even how to establish new e-Learning guidelines. Sue was able to coordinate development tasks an ensure milestones were met, as well as get deeply involved in day-to-day go-live requirements. She was much more than just a project manager; she was also a technical expert as well as a great bridge between the internal team and the vendor. She is very professional and adept at working with diverse stakeholders, which at times can have conflicting demands. She has an open and supporting communication style which fostered good working relationships within the team, as well as to the external vendor. Overall, Sue was a great asset to the project and critical to getting our LMS system live and well adopted.”

—Senior Director, Employee Development & Rewards, Gilead Sciences

“Sue Hall is an extraordinary professional. Even under times of stress, she never complains and never loses her sense of commitment to finding a solution. While product managing, the design and execution of our new SaaS product, she worked smoothly with cross-functional departments, including engineering, quality, sales, services and support and was proactive and effective in her communication with all groups. Despite a major reorganization in the middle of the product delivery, Sue provided a solid point of continuity and leadership that allowed all of the impacted departments to keep moving forward productively.”

—Bonnie Melville, Vice President of Channel Operations at GeoLearning